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Bund Fuel Tank (LSB10)
Nov 08, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: LSB10

  • Origin: Zhangjiagang City

  • 6058*2438*1295: 10inches

  • HS Code: 8609001900

Product Description

The tanks are constructed to international ISO container footprints for ease of transport and transfer. The standard footprints are 3, 6, 12, and 14 metres utilising the container lock dimensions. This means these tanks can be transported without the need for specific costly logistics.

The range of tanks are primarily designed for the storage and dispensing of combustible liquids. The storage of Flammable liquids up to 55, 000 litres can be accommodated with the relevant venting and accessory change. Remember to check your local regulations.
Main Specification
O Fill point pipe work, valving and connections.
O Pump bund with optional lockable doors.
O Mechanical overfill protection valve and electronic overfill alarm.
O Venting for tank.
O Access ladder and platform.
O Calibrated dipstick.
O Anti syphon valve.
Incoming Fuel/Product
O 80nb tanker fill point.
O Fire safe flanged ball valve, camlock adaptor and cap.
O Non return valve.
O Mechanical overfill valve
O Internal pipe work.
O High level alarm hazardous rated, battery powered.
Outgoing Fuel/Product
O Anti-siphon valve (foot valve)
O Pipe work terminating under walkway.
O 6inch Sockets in both manholes for the mounting of submersible pumps standard.
Pump bay
O Bunded pump bay complete with water / product drain valves.
O Internal access for hoses from pylon kits.
O Pylon kits with counter weights (optional).
O Lockable bund doors.
O Access ladder to work platform either mounted on front (The left or right hand side available. )
O Bund ventilations.
O Front earth connection.
Standard Specification
O Self bunded with internal tank and external bund.
O Sloping floor design.
O Corner container lock castings.
O Internal ladder for access.
O 600mm manholes.
O Air breather vents for free venting.
O Secondary Containment(internal bund)
O Calibrated contents DIP stick.
O Interstitial space DIP stick.
O Top roof section designed to release water as it sits above the side rails of the tank.
O Additional sockets, doubler pad points available to suit applications.
O Unit sand blasted to SA2.5
O Paint three coats Hempel paint.
O Statutory signage.