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Classification of chemical equipment
Jun 15, 2017

There are many kinds of chemical equipment, classification methods have a variety of ways and means, for example, according to the structural material points, can be divided into carbon steel equipment, stainless steel equipment, non-metallic equipment ---. According to the pressure can be divided into high-pressure equipment, medium voltage equipment and vacuum equipment, atmospheric pressure equipment. Now use the function of the rough score

(1) chemical containers: a slot, tank, kettle, etc .;

(2) separation tower categories: a packing tower, floating valve tower, bubble tower, turntable tower

(3) Reactor: a tubular reactor, fluidized reactor, stirred tank reactor and so on

(4) heat exchanger: a tube-type, plate heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger and so on

(5) heating furnace: a heating furnace, tube cracking furnace, waste heat boiler;

(6) crystallization equipment: solution mold, melting mold and so on

(7) other various special chemical equipment.