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Combustion and Control of Heat Exchanger
Jun 15, 2017

Multi-pipe furnace is essentially a volumetric heat exchanger, the structure of the same form with the ordinary hot water boiler, 40 years to become a multi-smoke pipe, the heat transfer area increases, thermal efficiency can be more than 90, the application of strong smoke , The use of flippers, so that hot flue gas in the pipe flow rate increases, and the direction of the flow of smoke and the wall to form a large angle.

This heat exchanger pipe straight up, coupled with the strong pumping fan, hot smoke in the smoke pipe in the high flow rate, no dead ends will not smoke dust ash. All the heated surface are in contact with water, high temperature flame direct contact with the heat transfer surface, heat is not serious, the use of copper materials are not protected (must be deoxidized copper). Therefore, it is not easy to produce on the heating surface and it is not easy to deposit dust and dust. Long-term use, thermal efficiency is almost no decline. As the volumetric heat exchanger has a larger capacity, will not produce post-boiling phenomenon, in the case of overheating protection, long-term non-scaling.

Such as finned tube heat exchanger, only with the gas finned tube heat exchanger, with water and gas linkage control system, finned tube heat exchanger can be used in water heaters, combustion and control methods and heat transfer The way of any reform are mutual influence, if there is no semi-atmospheric half-blast this enhanced burner, volumetric heat exchanger is also very difficult to be miniaturized for the boiler. Qidong Hu Xing central air-conditioning cleaning company for water quality, through the test, screening out the organic soil complex water treatment agent formula.

The formula has a corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor dual effect, but also with high temperature, easy hydrolysis and other properties, the use is also very convenient. Acrylic acrylic acid in the formula copolymer, is a dispersion-type scale inhibitor, can surround the colloidal particles in water to achieve the purpose of scattered scale. Organophosphate is a chelating type scale inhibitor, because the molecule contains the base, the phosphate group can be with the water calcium and magnesium ions to form a stable complex, to achieve the purpose of chelation scale, organic instant acid salt Better corrosion inhibition, it is a kind of participation or membrane of the cathodic corrosion inhibitor, and its complexation of ions than the polyphosphate is more stable, so the protective film is more solid.