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Effect of Heat Exchanger Cleaning on Energy Consumption
Jun 15, 2017

Plate heat exchanger due to the construction of the particularity of its maintenance, cleaning and replacement parts and other requirements of a higher level of expertise, or not only achieve the desired results, but will occur equipment leakage, deformation or even serious damage. So most of the plate heat exchanger users, are the original equipment manufacturers or professional companies to repair and cleaning.

We through several years of practice to explore, and gradually mastered the plate heat exchanger repair, cleaning and parts replacement method. Self-cleaning and maintenance of the plate heat exchanger for cooling circulating water, eliminating the need for expensive cleaning costs and achieving very good results. On the other hand, after the heat exchanger fouling, its thermal resistance is significantly increased, at this time of the refrigerant (or heat medium) fluid is not easy to cold (or heat) to the exchange of working fluid side, this time, even Through the heat exchanger refrigerant (or heat medium) flow unchanged, the heat transfer efficiency will be significantly worse.

In this case, if the process still requires the maintenance of the original exchange efficiency unchanged, it is necessary to increase the intake pressure at the same time increase the flow into the heat exchanger, which resulted in a double increase in energy consumption.