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Heat exchanger industry in the future development trend
Jun 15, 2017

The heat exchanger is a heat transfer energy-saving equipment material, at different temperatures to achieve two or more two kinds of liquid heat transfer, fluid fluid temperature is low, the fluid temperature reaches the specified heat transfer device flow index , Also known as heat exchangers. The temperature meets the needs of the process conditions, but also improves the energy efficiency.

Heat exchanger industry involves nearly 30 kinds of industries, such as HVAC, pressure vessels, water treatment equipment. They formed an industrial chain. With the rapid development of energy-saving technology, more and more types of heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers are widely used, is the general field of industrial equipment, occupies an important position in the production. In recent years, the heat exchanger industry presents a large-scale, efficient, energy-saving products and technology trends, is expected to maintain a sustained development prospects.