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How to choose the type of heat exchanger according to its own environment
Jun 15, 2017

Whether we are in life or in industrial applications will continue, often applied to the heat exchanger, because the application of the general, so we buy the heat exchanger is also greatly increased the chance. Heat exchanger selection is very important, or we are white money. So when we buy the heat exchanger must be combined with their own situation to the heat exchanger selection, so we can reflect the value of our company's products.

Then we have to buy the heat exchanger when it is necessary to pay attention to, for example, the size of the site, which is the need to pay attention to, because the shell and tube heat exchanger volume is very large, if our site is not enough then we Can not go to choose shell and tube heat exchanger, because the shell and tube heat exchanger is bulky, the venue will appear less than put down or put down the other equipment has affected the normal use.

In a lot of time if we can choose to try to use the plate heat exchanger, this is because: 1, plate heat exchanger smaller, highly adaptable. 2, plate heat transfer area can be adjusted, and adjust the method is relatively simple. Change the plate array or replace a few plates, you can achieve the required combination of processes to adapt to the new heat transfer conditions. This is the advantage of the plate heat exchanger we produce.

From the above we can see that the purchase of heat exchangers is the need for us to first analyze the details, and then purchase the choice.