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Improve the efficiency of heat exchanger applications
Jun 15, 2017

In the operation accompanied by heating or cooling, there are always a variety of heat transfer process, the narrow sense of the heat exchanger only pay attention to the significance of the recovery of heat, just to see the heat transfer device, the recovery of heat and recovery of the effective The importance of the degree. But through the heat exchanger on the waste heat recovery, so that the hot enthalpy of the cold fluid is improved, so as to further effective use of these waste heat, which makes the heat exchanger has a new value, while others have a new understanding.

Generally, it is always desirable for the heat exchanger to have a higher temperature at the outlet of the cold fluid. However, it is not possible to require an infinite heat transfer area. At the same time, because of the two types of fluid flow, fluid state, heat transfer wall, equipment structure, operation method and other factors, not only affect the heat transfer equipment, but also affect the heat transfer process, so these factors not only clearly It is more difficult to distinguish, but also by the scope of the selection of heat exchanger constraints.