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Stainless steel reactor industry in the past two years has been a good development
Jun 15, 2017

As a reaction equipment in pharmaceutical machinery, the reactor industry has been a good development, including stainless steel reactor is particularly prominent. Stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactor is the use of mechanical force and gravity, two or more than two kinds of materials evenly reacted with the machinery, widely used in various industries and daily life. Stainless steel reactor in the industry after 30 years of development has become a local pillar industries, including stainless steel reactor last year reached a total output value of 10.6 billion yuan, exports 170 million US dollars. But the land and other factors for a long time constraints, the development of small and medium enterprises difficult.

Stainless steel reactor followed by the development of the market development. At present, the stainless steel reactor industry association is stepping up organization of member companies training, promote the implementation of new policies to help enterprises to enter the declaration. Many small and medium-sized stainless steel reactor industry, said SMEs will grasp the favorable opportunity to relax the policy, full of energy, hard work, to achieve the new development of the industry.