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The role of stainless steel reactor in resin processing
Jun 15, 2017

Stainless steel reactor is not only a chemical equipment, but also a kind of resin equipment, so the production of resin products will use such a machine. Different resin products, for the type of stainless steel reactor and the use of different requirements, stainless steel reactor urea urea resin as an example to see what kind of reactor? It is understood that the resin production process is not complicated, the need for investment is not large, many manufacturers are based on their actual situation and the amount to choose the appropriate production to meet the demand.

The stainless steel reactor can be produced by two methods, one is a stainless steel reactor, a steam boiler, a circulating water tank, a pipe, and a part of a pump that is ready for a suitable solvent. Where the stainless steel reactor is a jacketed reactor, only through the sandwich within the boiler generated by the steam, the reactor can run the heat to complete the process.

There is also a stainless steel reactor as a major resin equipment, and supporting the thermal oil furnace, circulating pool, pipes, pumps and other devices to form a whole production of resin. The reactor is a mezzanine-type stainless steel reactor, which is made of heat-conducting oil. In order to be able to function effectively, the cooling coil must be provided inside the stainless steel reactor.

Stainless steel reactor in the accurate and good equipment under the premise, you can officially start the production of resin, first in the stainless steel reactor into the ordinary formaldehyde, then add glue, add cold water and other mixing evenly; then add polyvinyl alcohol, urea began to heat up The In the case of a certain temperature of the equipment will occur in the reaction, then the temperature will gradually reduce, so as to get the desired production. The whole process, we must pay attention to control the PH value of the solution, otherwise it is easy to affect the quality of the resin.