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Clean The Stainless Steel Reactor
Jun 15, 2017

Stainless steel reactor operator standing on the work platform, you can hand spray gun cleaning any position in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning. First of all, in order to reduce the occupation of a large number of human and material resources of the drawbacks, the need to design a dedicated cleaning aids, which is umbrella hanger, umbrella hanger stainless steel reactor is similar to the umbrella skeleton, when Shoulong, from the top of the glue tank into the hole Into the tank, and then open the umbrella frame, covered with the appropriate pedal, built up and down the work platform can be moved up and down the work platform is controlled by the tank outside the mechanical control.

Under the action of the initiator, although the heating is stopped, but the temperature rises itself, when the temperature is above 65 ℃, the reflow device of the stainless steel reactor starts to return. When the temperature rose above 80 ℃ when the reflux gradually weakened. At this time, the dropping speed of the polyvinyl acetate monomer is controlled at a rate of about 10% of the total amount per hour (i.e., about 4.6). In the stainless steel stainless steel reactor reaction process, pay close attention to the reaction temperature, stainless steel reactor jacket to add cooling water to control the reaction temperature, not higher than 80 ℃.

The amount of initiator potassium persulfate and the addition of time should pay attention to grasp, when the beginning of reflow, if the back flow is large, indicating that the initiator did not play a role, too much monomer, should stop adding monomer, may add some initiator , When the return is normal plus the monomer.

The white latex prepared by the above white latex formula and the production method is a white emulsion with a solid content of about 50% and a pH of about 5. In addition, this white latex finished product can also add 801 glue, anatase titanium dioxide production modified white latex.