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Cleaning Technology For Oil On Heat Exchangers
Jun 15, 2017

The heat exchanger is now a very important use both in our daily life and in industrial production. The heat exchanger in the petroleum processing industry is also one of the most commonly used mechanical equipment. But the heat exchanger in the process we often use dirt, especially in the oil processing industry, stained with oil is more common things, the following gives you a few heat exchanger oil treatment tips, hope To help everyone.

 Now the production of heat exchangers is gradually increasing, the total investment is basically accounted for the total investment in the total chemical industry, more than 70 percent, accounting for the total investment in the refining industry, three percent, which is full Showing that the demand for heat exchangers is gradually increasing. In addition to some fixed equipment characteristics and its production process, how to ensure that the heat exchange surface of the clean and tidy, to ensure that it has a good conduction space and the total heat transfer efficiency of the important factors.

There is dirt on the heat exchanger, then the total output value of the loss caused by the industrial output is very large, dirt dirt is the most common and most difficult to clean a dirt, the following we are the most easy to scale oil refinery Distillation apparatus and catalytic cracking unit for the cleaning of the object, the type of dirt is mainly hydrophobic organic mixture of film-like grease, in the clear when the general situation we are using some oil-soluble reaction of some of the material for oil pollution Clear, common with petroleum solvents, halogenated solvents and so on.

Heat exchanger must remember the timely cleaning, do not let the oil accumulated throughout the heat transfer equipment when there is no cleaning, the final will affect the use of heat exchanger efficiency.