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Heat Exchanger Maintenance Tips
Jun 15, 2017

In our traditional cleaning methods, whether it is mechanical methods, high pressure water methods, or chemical methods, these are the heat exchanger for cleaning with more methods. But these methods are not the best, they are there, so that the problem. For example:

1, can not be inside the heat exchanger to thoroughly clean the scale;

2, can not completely remove the sediment inside the heat exchanger;

3, chemical cleaning will cause corrosion of the heat exchanger equipment; and if these chemical solvents do not get rid of clean, then the remaining material will produce secondary corrosion of the equipment, serious cases will make the equipment scrapped;

4, in addition, the waste liquid is a lot of waste containing toxic substances, and its emissions will inevitably cause pollution to the environment.

Fortunately, in the current market, has been developed and produced using the equipment without corrosion, and safe, environmentally friendly cleaning agent. Because this cleaning agent adds a special ingredient, it can effectively remove the scale during the use of the equipment, the equipment will not have any impact, to ensure the life of the equipment, the most important thing is its emissions Non-toxic for the human body and the environment are safe.