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Methods Of Corrosion Protection For Heat Transfer Equipment
Jun 15, 2017

With the passage of time, heat transfer equipment gradually in various areas of popular, such as machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other places. The following, Shandong heat exchanger equipment company for everyone to introduce a brief, on how to heat the heat transfer equipment.

First of all, the heat transfer equipment and connected pipe and bearing corrosion quality standards are: paint types and brushing times should meet the design requirements, in addition to the coating requires good adhesion, no peeling, blistering and leakage coating phenomenon; The film thickness uniformity, uniform color, no flow and pollution phenomenon; followed by Shandong heat transfer equipment itself in the factory there is a certain requirement, must be connected with the pipeline plus anti-corrosion measures, anti-corrosion coating varieties, color, brushing Layers and so have to do some of the requirements of the regular; insulation of the heat transfer equipment and the connection of the pipeline should be coated with two anti-rust paint and then insulation.