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Reactor In The Operation Must Pay Attention
Jun 15, 2017

The reaction kettle is a reaction equipment, in the operation must pay attention to, otherwise it will cause damage for many reasons, resulting in production was forced to stop. The operation of the reactor should pay attention to many aspects.

First of all, we must strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations to operate the reactor.

Second, before the operation, should be carefully checked whether the abnormal shape, in normal operation, shall not open the cover and touch the board on the terminal, so as not to electric shock; is strictly prohibited with pressure operation; with nitrogen pressure test process, carefully observe the pressure Table changes, to test pressure, immediately close the nitrogen valve switch; heating rate should not be too fast, the pressure should be slow, especially the stirring speed, allowing only slow speed.

Finally, the kettle body heated to a higher temperature, do not contact with the kettle body, so as not to burn; the end of the experiment should be the first cooling. Not cold, to prevent excessive temperature pressure caused by damage. At the same time to timely unplug the power.

At the same time after the use of the reactor to pay attention to maintenance, so that the autoclave can have a better life.